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We've learned to turn events into experiences.

Our story 

Our expertise

Our corporate social responsibility

We’ve organised experiential team learning events for nearly 30 years. We’re known for collaborating closely with our clients, finding creative ways to achieve their objectives, and assisting them through every step of their event.  


Over the years, we’ve helped create over 500 virtual meetings and approximately 5000 live events delivered to an audience of anywhere between 10 to 4000 participants both in France and across the world. Our clients span multiple industries, and we work closely with our local partners.


"We turn events into interactive experiences to guarantee that the information you want to share is understood"


We turn events into interactive experiences to guarantee that the information you want to share is understood. 


The experiential learning formula we’ve been developing for nearly 30 years focuses on creating interaction to engage your audience and make your message as impactful as possible. 


Using customisable event templates, we create fun events, encourage communication and interaction, and a safe space to share ideas. Whether delivered virtually or using a hybrid model, our experiential events are guaranteed to captivate your audience.

We take corporate social responsibility seriously and have partnered with Gandee to help us create a positive impact in our community. Thanks to our partnership, we’re able to widen the reach of our donations and green initiatives. As such, we’re committed to donating 0,5% of our turnover to one of the five following NGO’s: Planète Urgence, France Nature Environnement, L'école à l'hôpital, Solidarité Femmes et Apprentis d'Auteuil. 


If you would like to support one of these organisations during your event, choose the cause you wish to support and let’s work together to make a positive change. 

Our 5 Rules to Make Our Events smart.

# We favour sincerity, authenticity, and clear communication with and among participants

# We collaborate closely with our clients

# We aim to create a safe space to share ideas and foster a sense of belonging in your team

# We believe in creating events that are lively and fun

# We believe in developing a sense of curiosity, empathy and motivation among participants.

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